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The Windmill Cup wishes to incite sports amongst young and old. As we all know, exercise is very healthy and important. It helps children develop their talent, social and emotional skills. Tennis is available for everyone, regardless of age. Oosterbeekse Tennisvereniging OTV arranges clinics for high school students, youth from Oosterbeek and her surroundings and senior citizens.

On Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 Jacco Eltingh kept a tennis clinic for primary school pupils during the Windmill Cup. Eighty children with their parents were present. This was really the moment to have lessons from the former Wimbledon champion. How to get your legs smooth and to perfect your volley: Jacco taught it to the children!

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Other than tennis of high standard, The Windmill cup also provides a ongoing debate about sports. In search for answers to questions like: how to spot talent more efficient, and coach them to international succes. 


Participants of the Windmill Cup symbolise the future. A world where young and old can enjoy sport, both vital and in good health. 

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